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Director's Corner .... from John Halikowski
ADOT Strategic Plan

The ADOT Strategic Plan

The new ADOT Strategic Plan was launched at the leadership conference in August. Management was tasked with working on action plans with their staff, due by the end of December. The actions plans show how each group works in support of the five strategic focus areas. 

But why? Why a Strategic Plan, why a new one, and how does it affect each of you? 

Through our communication with many of you, we heard that you didn't know the direction of ADOT. Some were unaware we had a Strategic Plan. Others said they didn't know how they fit into a plan. Clearly, we as the executive team, had work to do. Our strategies and tactics must be developed and implemented collaboratively. We must work on the action plans together to reach the results we all want. We all must know how we fit into the vision.   Read more ...

New and Updated Policies
ADOT Policy: The following polices have gone through their 2 year review featuring minor word changes and updated citations.
Information And Technology   Backups
Internet Account Management
Electronic Equipment Electronic Storage Limits
Information Security    
Essential Documents, Guides, Manuals & Reports
HRIS Logon HRIS Resources
Emergency Action Guidelines
Arizona State Jobs
Air Quality Forecast
AZ511   Y.E.S.
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