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An Important Message from Jennifer Toth, Deputy Director of Transportation:
Jennifer Toth, Director

Jennifer Toth
Deputy Director
of Transportation

A Lesson in Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Tips as Kids Head Back to School

Most Arizona children head back to school in August, so you've probably noticed an increase in traffic ? and more kids on streets and sidewalks.

As you're driving, watch for children as they walk and bike to and from school. Kids can be unpredictable, so anticipate they might dart into the path of your vehicle. Slow down, especially on residential streets and near schools, and be prepared to stop. Read more ...

New and Updated Policies
The policy has been updated to reflect a significant change eliminating the requirement for most job applicants to provide a copy of their motor vehicle record because those checks are now being done using the MVD database, except for out-of-state applicants who still must manually furnish a copy of their current motor vehicle record for review.
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